Kids Church Curriculum

​At Woodcroft we use a program called Hand of God.

This comprises a course of lessons designed to be taught over three years covering Genesis to Revelation.

This programme is:

  • Adaptable to a range of student ages and needs.

  • User friendly

  • Based on ideas trialled in church and school.


Designed for quality teaching on 

  • God’s overall plan.

  • Jesus Christ, central to that plan.

  • How God acts.

  • Man’s response to God’s actions and plan.

  • Principles and patterns repeated in Scripture.

Standardised lesson formats include:

  • Revision of learning in previous lessons.

  • A Bible story.

  • Discussion Questions and Teaching Emphasis.

  • Sharing our Faith.

  • Learning to Pray.

  • Memory Verse.

  • Illustrations.