Kids Church Guidelines

The guidelines that will apply at all times throughout the program are:

Respecting the leaders by:

  • Listening to what leaders are saying.

  • Responding to what leaders are asking.

  • Following the directions give.

  • Cooperating fully with the leaders.

  • Paying attention to leaders at all times.


Respecting other children by:

  • Considering others and not disrupting them.

  • Allowing others to participate

  • Being helpful and not bossy

  • Talking to each other nicely, not shouting rudely.

  • Allowing others space to be themselves.

The expectations from the guidelines are that everyone:

  • Feels loved and valued by God.

  • Has the opportunity to make friends with others.

  • Knows they are part of the church.

Consistent breaking of the guidelines means:

  • Children will be sent to supervised isolation area to cool off.

  • Parents will be asked to come and help supervise.

  • Children will lose out on rewards.


​Parental support:
We do ask for parental cooperation and support in with what we are trying instill in the children in Kid’s Church.