We are instructed to remember the Lord Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

The word "remembrance" is used twice in 1 Corinthians 11:23-25.

We celebrate communion every week as a part of our worship to remind us of the price Christ paid to redeem us.

The communion service is not mystical in that the elements of bread and grape juice do not take on a form of God.

The bread and grape juice are reminders that Jesus' body was broken for us and His blood was shed to bring victory over sin and death.

It is celebrated every Sunday and is open to all who love the Lord and have put their trust in Jesus Christ. It is temporary and will stop when He returns.

People need to feel free to let the emblems pass by as they do not have to participate if they are not sure what it means. Children need to be instructed by parents as to the reality of what we are doing. Parents are responsible for how and when they allow their children to participate.


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